Survey of ICT usage at home in EU member states

The Standard Eurobarometer face to face survey, that was realized by INRA agency for the European Comission in spring 2000, covers the population of the respective nationalities of the European Union Member Countries, aged 15 years and over, resident in each of the Member Countries. The result study (84 pages in DOC format) looks in its first section at the ownership and use of totally 13 technologies at home. The second focuses on the interest raised by these technologies and intentions to purchase them. The last three sections investigate the use of the Internet (applications and services, impact on other activities and connection). You can find summary results and results for each of the EU country.

The surveyed technologies include (ordered by penetration) mobile phone, PC desktop, cabel TV, CD-ROM driver, game console, satellite dish, Internet connection, standalone fax, digital TV, ISDN, laptop computer, DVD player and palmtop / personal organiser.

Download the complete study, ask for the password to the VIP restricted zone.

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