Czech banks Web audit (1998)

In May 1998 VIP initiated another abridged audit of Czech banks´ WWW services. It refers to the previous audit from October-November 1997 period. The aim was again to assess the value of the Web services that these institutions offer to the public (and which have received heavy criticism from users), and also to independently evaluate one of the features of these banks that is easily and closely observed by foreign investors. This Web audit was a simplified example of what would be needed to precisely evaluate each bank´s business and marketing goals and the extent to which its Web services support those aims.

Again 12 institutions were evaluated. Comparing with the last audit specialized banks (and banks with extraordinary regime) were not considered. There are 4 new banks evaulated – Expandia Banka, Moravia Banka, Banka Haná a Credit Lyonnaise. For the complete Czech banks overview see the Czech National Bank list.

Each of the bank is offered to publish here their plans and intentions related to the Internet public and their (potential) clients – i.e. what can Internet users expect from their WWW service in the near future (up to 1 year).


WWW adresa


Banka Haná, a.s.

Credit Lyonais bank Praha, a.s.

Česká spořitelna, a.s.


Československá obchodní banka, a.s.

Expandia banka, a.s.

Hypo-Bank CZ, a.s.


Investiční a poštovní banka, a.s.

www.ipb cz

Komerční banka, a.s.

Moravia banka, a.s.


Union banka, a.s.

Universal banka, a.s.


Živnostenská banka, a.s.


Improvement is showed especially in updating information (usually up to 1-2 months since last modification). Providing online contact is much better as well (9 of 12 banks provide contact by E-mail). Other contact channels, contacts to branches and products are mentioned. On the other hand exchange rates list and price list are missing at several banks. One fourth of services include pages under construction. Fulltext search, help or site map are rare. Internet banking is available only in Expandia Banka. English versions you can find in ten of twelve Webs.

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