A blog focused on the immigration & integration reality without a black or pink glasses. What is happening in Europe, Czechia and Brno. What media mostly do not cover – trends & statistics. Concrete examples, impact on our region. Over 13 years experience.

Co-founder of NGO focused on defending the free expression on digital platforms. Co-author of the Stop Censorship petition with over 25000 signatories.

Founder of one of the two successor organizations of the First Tuesday CZ focused on connecting innovators and supporting ICT research, development and entrepreneurship.

TEDxBrno since 2010

Founder and curator of non-profit interdisciplinary TED-licensed conferences / festivals, which are part of a global network of events held in hundreds of cities on all continents.

Founder and senior consultant of a project providing advice and assistance to highly skilled foreigners living or working in Brno. Founder and board chairman of the Brnopolis civic association operating the Brno Expat Centre.

Co-founder of the Czech node of the global business network. Together with Ondřej Bartoš we held over a hundred informal meetings, seminars and conferences in Prague and Brno under a common brand and international license and connected IT entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, journalists, etc. Evangelising about venture capital principles in the Czech Republic.

NowEurope 1995-2011

Originally a moderated mailing list founded by Steve Carlson and building on the East-West High Tech Forum organized by Esther Dyson, brought together the most important influencers of the Internet scene of the 1990’s. Later a weblog that Steve and I expanded as an independent publishing platform about ICT entrepreneurship and start-ups in Central Europe.

I founded one of the first Czech e-zines focusing on Internet marketing and e-business (one of the first Czech websites with their own ISSN). It was complemented by a monthly newsletter “VIP Direct” (in total 140 editions) and a moderated VIP Forum mailing list where dozens of personalities of the Czech Internet scene used to discuss.

I started the Brno tradition of informal (usually) morning meetings. Together with my colleagues from Brnopolis I organized 16 events covering IT research, entrepreneurship, social media and others.

A series of discussion evenings focusing on international cooperation and exchange of experience between the Czech Republic and Austria, Britain, France, Slovakia and Poland. Every evening was made in a musical and gastronomic spirit linked to invited guests – from the Voronez Hotel to the U Kastelána restaurant, from dulcimer to chanson. Gracefully moderated by Jan Pokorný and Jakub Železný.

Center for Electronic Commerce 1999-2002

Co-founder and first chairman of the Council of the Centre for E-commerce, the first sectoral section of the Czech Society for System Integration.

Author and project manager of an international FP6 project. One of the few managed by a Czech company or university.

Coordinator of the project part with a responsibility for Central and Eastern European countries, organizing a series of Venture Academy coaching and Technology Forums conferences for growing technology companies in Europe.

Author and manager of a project mapping the information society development in the Czech Republic. The beginning of a long time collaboration with Jiří Peterka and Lubomír Karpecki.

Expats in the South Moravia: stay and needs (2018-20)
Exploitation of research-based innovation: bringing entrepreneurship and market expertise at the start of applied research (2005-2008)
Centrope Information Technology Transfer (2008-2010)
eTEN Promo Invest (2005-2007)
Biotechnology Venture East (2004-2006)
Engaging regional SMEs within ICT in EU research (2005-2008)