I like to be & do

For more than 10 years I have been working on information systems design and serving as a „translator“ between the contracting party and the creator / architect formulating the information needs of an organization. I move along the border of two different worlds even now when I help to interpret and converge the views of companies and universities in their cooperation on applied ICT research and making use of its results on the market.

In recent years I have been mainly working on international research projects and on networking innovators. I help start-ups with their business plans and expats in creative professions. I like to collaborate on projects with international reach and with people who do not do their job just for money.


Information is my stock and data and knowledge my material – particularly about the use of technology in business, education and organizing. I am doing my best in discovering the technology trends and viewing your goals in the context of relations and the environments where you work and live.

Analyzing & Discovering

I can understand your processes, data and organizational structures. Seeing an opportunity and a need for new services in time helped me to start the number of projects – the rise of e-commerce in the 1990’s, networking entrepreneurs with investors 10 years later, supporting highly skilled expats and defending free speech on the global BigTech platforms.


I like to connect people and organizations from different backgrounds – businesses and university departments, entrepreneurs and investors, innovators of diverse professions, foreigners and locals or online & offline activities within marketing strategies.

Communicating & Teaching

I write, lecture, consult and coach – these are all just forms of communication and mutual learning. Over the last 15 years I have helped dozens of companies with their business plans (mainly in the ICT sector). I learned the most from my partners and clients.


Over the past 20 years I have managed over 10 long-term projects (some of them international) and led the curation and organization of more than a hundred seminars, conferences, discussion tables and informal meetings.

I do not consider myself a specialist. I look at solving problems in context instead. The devil is in the detail. I do notice it.

My thematic focus could be summarized more formally as follows:

  • Information and communication technologies with a focus on internet and digital content
  • Strategies for innovative business, start-up coaching and mentoring
  • Models of cooperation between companies and universities
  • Funding of research & development with a focus on venture capital and international grant schemes
  • Conference curation and creating environment for networking professionals across disciplines
  • Expats (highly skilled foreigners) immigration and integration
  • Free speech on the global BigTech platforms

I am not good at drawing and maybe that’s why I am so fascinated by photography. As a single-lens reflex camera lover I fall under the charm of the time standing still in pictures. And as an enthusiastic amateur I am passionate about the white sport on courts. I can’t sing, but I am fond of dry red wine, smart women and blues.